Kidsbits Coding Box Kit

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Coding Box is a programming learning toolbox based on Arduino, which is a programming tool specially designed for children over 6 years old.

It integrates some of the most basic electronic components and sensors, such as LEDs, buttons, motors, light, sound, infrared and a temperature sensor.

Besides, multitudes of interesting projects can be carried out via the Coding Box, including LED flashing, intrusion alarms, smart fans as well as temperature testers.


Coding Box uses Arduino for programming, and is also compatible with Mixly graphical programming software and Scratch graphical programming software,allowing children to learn from the simplest code and master the system’s programming knowledge step by step.

Component List






D7 and D8

(+) leg and a negative (-) leg, which
make electricity flow through in one
direction. LEDs can also burn out if too much
electricity flows through them, so you should use
a resistor to limit the high current when you
wire an LED into a circuit. They can be
used to make equipment indicator light. Set the
signal pin to HIGH, LED will be on; set to
LOW, LED will be off.



RGB LED is actually three small LEDs — a red,
green and blue LED— inside a normal LED
housing. It has all the internal LEDs sharing
the same ground wire, so there are four pins in
total. It can emit many different color,
which is. used widely for building lighting and
exhibition lighting.

LED Dot Matrix

A4, A5

LED Dot Matrix: This tiny display has 64
LEDs packed into a 8*8 dot matrix. It is great
for displaying image/text or creating
animations, and is highly portable and
convenient to use, which is widely used in train
stations, advertising screens and bulletin



Servo is a position control rotary
actuator. Common servos rotate over a range of
about 0°to 180°. It has three wires: one for
power, one for grounding and one for signal.
When you send the right signal through the
signal wire, the servo will move to a specific
angle and stay there. It is widely applied to
mechanical arm.



Buzzer is a consumable component that
can generate sound of a specified frequency
according to the input signal. It is widely used
in alarm, electronic toys, automotive
electronics, telephones and other electronic

Motor fan

D10, D11

Motor fan module is a consumable component
that is connected with a fan blade and a motor
(130 DC motor). It can rotate more than 12,000
times per minute, which is widely used in
helicopters, windmills, etc.


D12, D13

Button is a component that controls the
circuit to turn on and off. When the button is
pressed, it sends a high level signal (the
Arduino Uno reads 0) to the kidsbits coding box
(based on Arduino Uno) through the pins. We can
interact with the device by using buttons, such
as those used in the course to control the leds
on and off.



Photoresistor is a light-sensitive and
variable resistor, which is an element that
changes its resistance as light strength
changes. The stronger the ambient light, the
smaller the value output from the pin A. It is
widely applied to various light control circuit,
such as optical switches, and smart home system



Potentiometer (also known as ‘’trimpot”)
is a sensor that controls the output signal of
the pin by changing the resistance value. A
potentiometer is a 3-pin variable resistor. When
powered with 5V, the middle pin outputs a
voltage between 0V and 5V, depending on the
position of the knob on the potentiometer. It
is mainly used to set the threshold value in the
circuit, or as a controller to control the Servo
motion, etc.

Sound Sensor


Sound Sensor is a device which convert
energy from one form to another. A microphone
is a transducer which converts sound energy to
electrical signals. The microphones are widely
used in electronic circuits to detect
minor sounds or air vibrations which in turn are
converted to electrical signals for further
use. The top face is covered with a porous material
with the help of glue. It acts as a filter for the dust particles

Temperature Sensor


Temperature Sensor is a component that
can convert the measured temperature signal into
a voltage signal output. It is widely used
in digital thermometers, medical/home
thermometers, portable non-contact infrared
temperature thermometers, etc.

Gas Sensor


Gas Sensor is a component that can detect
the concentration of flammable gases and
smoke in the environment. It is widely used
in household gas leak alarms, industrial
combustible gas alarms and portable gas detectors.

PIR Motion Sensor


PIR Motion Sensor is a sensor that uses
the characteristics of temperature change
to detect infrared radiation. When a person
enters its sensing range, it outputs a high
level. When the person leaves the sensing range,
it automatically delays the high level and
outputs a low level, which is widely used in
infrared automatic sensor lights, sensor
switches, burglar alarms and IR welcome device.

Reed switch


Reed Sensor, also known as reed switch,
is an electrical switch operated by an applied
magnetic field, which is widely used in
household appliances, automobiles,
communications, industry, medical area,
security and other fields.