KD0054 kidsbits Blocks Coding I2C Expansion Shield V1 (Black and Eco-friendly)

1. Description

kidsbits blocks coding IIC expansion shield is fully compatible with kidsbits control board and Lego building blocks.

You can easily connect it to kidsbits control board for communication using RJ11 cables without worrying about wrong connection and damage.

When the kidsbits control board has I2C communication with a couple of sensor modules. But it has only one I2C communication interface, so you might need to use this IIC expansion shield.

This I2C shield has brought out ten I2C communication interfaces, ensuring that the control board can communicate with nine sensor modules at the same time.  

2. Technical Parameters

  • Interface: EASY plug
  • Operating voltage: DC 5V
  • Output signal: analog signal
  • Communication way: I2C communication
  • Dimensions: 97mm*32mm*20mm
  • Weight: 30g

3. Example Use

You can use the control board and IIC shield to control an OLED module and I2C 1602 LCD module showing the different characters. Like below figure shown.