KD0025 kidsbits Blocks Coding Hall Sensor (Black and Eco-friendly)

1. Description

kidsbits blocks coding Hall sensor is fully compatible with kidsbits control board and Lego building blocks.
You can easily connect it to kidsbits control board for communication using an RJ11 cable without worrying about wrong connection and damage.

This is an A3144 Hall sensor, which is a unipolar switching Hall sensor that senses only the South Pole magnetic field.
It can detect whether there is a magnetic object nearby or not. And it correctly tells you through digital output.
When power on the sensor, the signal output is HIGH; when the sensor detects the south magnetic field, the sensor LED lights up.
It can sense the magnetic materials within a detection range up to 75px.

The detection range and the strength of magnetic field are proportional.
It is useful for non-contact/waterproof type switches, position sensors, rotary/shaft encoders.

2. Technical Parameters

  • Interface: EASY plug
  • Operating voltage: DC 5V
  • Output signal: digital signal
  • Sensing distance: 0-2cm

3. Wiring Diagram

4. Import kidsbits library

Begin with the Mixly blocks coding, you should first import the corresponding kidsbits library for those sensor modules.
Connect the control board to your computer using a USB cable.

Then open the Mixly blocks software 0.998, set the board to UNO R3, select your correct COM port. On the upper right corner you can switch the language.

After that, click Import, import the keyes-kidsbits library. Shown below.

If import custom library successfully, you should see the sensor module library shown below.

Click on the display screen block of keyes_kidsbits, you can directly use the corresponding module.

5. Test Code

Click the Code to check the C language:

6. Test Result

Wire it up and upload the code successfully, powered on, when the sensor detects the south pole magnetic field, the SIG LED on the sensor lights up, and the D13 indicator on the control box also lights up.

If the sensor does not detect the magnetic field or detects the north magnetic field, both the SIG LED on the sensor and the D13 indicator on the control box are turned off.

7. Resources